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Dear Podficcer!

Hi you are wonderful and I am so excited that you are making me a thing! It's gonna be super great no matter what you do and I can't wait to hear it!!

Fandoms and my feelings

The Flash: Cisco is my fav so Cisco-centric things are A+, also Barry/Cisco and Barry/Cisco/Iris

Daredevil: Matt/Foggy, trope-y get togethers, AUs, Matt having less self-worth than a potato, angst is a-ok but please leave me with a happy/hopeful ending

Ghostbusters 2016: god the fact that this exists is just !!!!!!! fav pairing is Patty/Holtz but basically anything that isn't endgame Holtzbert is fair game, gen team fic is also great

Hockey RPF: I love Sid/Geno and I also can go for some Tyler/Jamie, please no Patrick Kane as a character, references are fine. I especially love genderswap/fics that deal with the challenges of women in the NHL

Women's Hockey RPF: Hilary Knight/Amanda Kessel, or pretty much anyone! so long as it is the kind of thing that you can follow even if you don't know super lots about the particular players

Star Wars Force Awakens: anything focusing on Finn/Poe/Rey in whatever combinations (including OT3 of course), I also love anything dealing with stormtrooper rebellion/defection as a result of Finn (fine if canon characters are not the focus here). Finn dealing with the trauma of surviving growing up in stormtrooper system, I mostly am not interested in Kylo Ren in any redeeming way. 

SGA: John/Rodney, also anything dealing with Atlantis culture ie the meshing of the expedition and Pegasus cultures in the form of traditions/languages/behaviors, especially interactions between Atlanteans and SGC folks or other outsiders. Teamfic is always great

The Martian: Mark Watney being snarky, teamfic, hurt/comfort or recovery fic from either the journey back or on Earth. I'm mostly into gen here, but pairings are fine except Mark/Beck

AUs are always my jam, both just totally different universes and canon divergence/universe alterations. Crossovers/fusions are also very much welcomed (for crossovers as long as one of the fandoms above is involved and I don’t need too much canon knowledge, we’re good! for fusions as long as characters from the canons above are the focus we are also good)

I can go either way when it comes to fic I most definitely enjoy things on the fluffier side: animal transformation, woke up married, kid fic, soul bonding, found family, de-aging, mutual pining, teamfic. But I also am a fan of the angst. Hurt/comfort is probably my fav fav thing. Insecure/low self-worth characters being reassured/validated by other characters, characters dealing with trauma ie PTSD or past abuse (slave aus are good as long as the endgame is characters healing and regaining agency). Other things I like, time travel, outsider POV, happy/hopeful endings, polyamory, and asexual characters

I love music/sound effects in podfic, if that's not your thing no worries but if it is feel free to go for it!

DNW: PWPs, mpreg, or infidelity that is not addressed, permanent character death, incest

You can feel free to stalk my ao3 bookmarks as well.

Whatever you make friend, I will love you forever <3 Above all have fun with this! I can’t wait to hear your wonderful creation!


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